Pudong Hongqiao Important Notices

PVG implements new baggage rules


New restrictions on carry-on luggage by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) came into force at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) on Sept 1.

According to the new rules, carry-on luggage exceeding 115cm in combined length, width and height will be prohibited from being carried on board. Bags that do not meet the size and weight restrictions now need to be checked in.

PVG has added bulletin boards in the Domestic and International/Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan departure areas in its two terminals to notify passengers about the new regulations. The airport also arranged staff to help check passengers’ bags in at the entrance areas of the terminals.

PVG would like to remind passengers to check in their luggage as early as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary delays.


Self-service touch screens makes debut at Pudong Airport

Passengers can inquire on information on flights, lost and found, transportation, washing rooms and restaurants on the touch screen machine at the passenger service center in Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport (PVG).

At present, the machine, which was developed by the airport’s own research and development personnel, receives more than 4,000 visits every day.

The R&D team is named after a model worker in Shanghai -- Pan Shuohua and consists of employees from different departments and educational backgrounds.

They developed an informational and interactive platform, dubbed the “Octopus System”, to grab information from the airport, air traffic control center and airlines and then visually present the customized data on the touch screen in real-time.

The team plan to use Augmented Reality and indoor positioning technology to integrate the navigation system with the real scene, so passengers will be able to get easier access to the information they need.

As an airport handling thousands of flights and about 200,000 passengers a day, PVG produces huge amounts of data and information on a daily basis which will now be accessible to passengers at the touch of a finger.