Pudong Hongqiao Important Notices
Shanghai air transportation continues to improve

The two major international airports in Shanghai – Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport – had stable development in 2017.

Statistics showed that, in 2017, 496,879 flights took off and landed at Pudong International Airport and 263,720 at Hongqiao International Airport, with 760,599 flights in total, a year-on-year increase of 2.52 percent; Pudong had a passenger throughput of more than 70 million and Hongqiao had approximately 42 million, about 111.92 million intotal, increasing by 5.12 percent compared to last year; the cargo throughputs of Pudong and Hongqiao was about 3.84 million tons and 408,000 tons, more than4.24 million tons in total, with a year-on-year increase of 9.68 percent.

Located in East China, Shanghai is an international transportation hub. As of now, 110 airlines have opened regular flights to the city, linking it to 297 airports in 47 countries.