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Cultural Airport

  • Art Gallery of Pudong Airport

    Covering more than 100 square meters at the north end of the Domestic Departure Hall of PVG T1, the art gallery opened with 22 oil paintings by Xiao Gu, dean of Shanghai Oil Painting Sculpture Institute in December, 2016. In June, the exhibits were substituted by 25 oil painting by Yin Xiong.

    Maritime Exhibition

    Launched by PVG and China Maritime Museum at the end of 2016, the exhibition aims to show the harmony between humans and nature. The exhibits include sculptures, paper cuttings and paintings, and reveal the traditional maritime folklore and life of coastal inhabitants and islanders in China.

  • Museum of Pudong Airport

    The Museum of Pudong Airport, China’s first museum in an airport, is located near Boarding Gate D90 in PVG T2, and gives passengers the chance to experience Chinese culture. The museum stages exhibitions on various themes at regular intervals. Since it opened in 2014, the museum has held exhibits of European porcelain, ships in bottles, arts and crafts, purple clay (zisha) teapots, and the currently underway “Joy Touring” Auto Exhibition.

    Han Culture Park

    Located near Boarding Gate D90 in PVG T2, the park uses elements of Han Dynasty gardens featuring purple, red, grey, and sandy tones. Landscaped courtyards provide an area for passengers to rest among art exhibits, chiming bells, drums, and models in traditional Han dress (hanfu). The park also has areas where children can learn more about traditional Chinese culture, as well as a wall against which to take selfies. The park, along with a museum, art gallery and other cultural facilities, creates a large scale public cultural landscape in the airport and has provided a platform for cultural exchanges between China and other countries since 2014.

    Jiangnan-style Garden

    Located close to Boarding Gate D81 of International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Departures in PVG T2, the garden shows the culture and customs in Jiangnan regions.

  • The Maritime Culture Experience Center – located at the north walkway area of Pudong Airport Terminal 1's "Three Verticals Three Horizontals" walkway system – aims to spread the influence of the maritime culture in the world through fine exhibitions. The first expo at the center is the Jiangnan Shipbuilding Special Exhibition, brought by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation Jiangnan Shipyard Group Co Ltd. The event is divided into three sections – Historical Changes, Independent Shipbuilding and Science & Technology Talent. These showcase Jiangnan Shipyard's extraordinary development and history of over more than 100 years in three dimensions: history, science and technology and people. Together, they recount the formidable maritime legend of China's shipbuilding giant.